Violet-Winged Stick Insect Didymuria violescens – Female


Violet-Winged Stick Insect Didymuria violescens – Female

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This species is a small-medium stick insect and is very hardy!
Great as an introduction to keeping stick insects as pets.
As they are fast growing and prolific egg-layers, you will be able to demonstrate their life cycle in the classroom or other learning setting easily.

Just requires a variety of native foliage, in particular the fresh new growth of Eucalyptus trees and a spray with water once or twice daily.

  • Sustainability Guarantee: Captively Bred in our Blue Mountains Bug Lab!
  • Parasite and Disease-Free!
  • Comes with Care Sheet and Email Consultancy for the life of your animals!
  • Sold as Juveniles

Safety Considerations: Completely harmless

Environmental Requirements:
– Well-ventilated enclosure
– Fresh native foliage such as Eucalyptus sp. for feeding.
– Temperature Range of: 16-25C ideally
– Humidity Range of: 60-80% ideally
– Spray with water 1-2 times daily.

Does Not Include:
– Enclosure
– Food (Fresh foliage)
– Water Spray Bottle