Workshops & Exhibitions

Let us come and bug you!

We come to your venue and conduct a fun, interactive workshop on the importance of ‘mini-beasts’ and their life cycles within food webs, ecosystems, agriculture, forestry, medicine, etc. Lane Cove PS 021Questions on ‘mini-beasts’ & everything entomological will be answered!

At every workshop, we exhibit a wide variety of ‘live mini-beasts’ including various species of stick insects, giant burrowing cockroaches, preying mantis, millipedes, centipedes, crickets, mealworms, scorpions, spiders, beetles and more and allow supervised handling of harmless mini-beasts and over 200 preserved biofacts including embedded and dried insects, shells, eggs, egg cases, skins, wings, cocoons etc.

If you have a particular mini-beast topic or activity that you would like us to fit into, we will design a workshop format specifically to meet your needs.

Use the drop down menus above to find your particular details for your venue or event, including pricing. Rainforest mantis

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