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Let us come and bug you!

We come to your venue and conduct a fun, hands-on, interactive workshop on the importance of ‘mini-beasts’ and their life cycles within food webs, ecosystems, agriculture, forestry, medicine, etc. Lane Cove PS 021We take a CLOSE LOOK at their external physical features and unique adaptations. Questions on ‘mini-beasts’ & everything entomological will be answered and all workshops come with a hands-on experience not to be forgotten!

BugZoom Sessions
are also available for any kind of organisation or institution around Australia  and the world, including individuals and families!

At every hands-on workshop, we exhibit a wide variety of live mini-beasts including various species of Australian stick insects, cockroaches, praying mantis, grasshoppers, beetles, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, snails and more, allowing supervised handling of harmless mini-beasts and over 200 preserved biofacts, including embedded and dried insects, shells, eggs, egg cases, exoskeletons, wings, cocoons etc.

If you have a particular mini-beast topic or activity that you would like us to fit into, we will design a workshop format specifically to meet your needs. Our minibeasts are a great addition to school Science, Environmental and Agricultural Festivals.

Use the drop down menus above to find your particular details for your venue or event, including pricing. We visit schools (K-12), Colleges, Universities, Preschools, Child Care Centres, OOSH/OSHC Centres, Special Needs, Homeschools, Libraries, and even offer personal home visits.

Know someone with a spider or creepy crawly phobia? They may benefit from one of our personalised “Creepy Crawly Desensitisation Sessions”. Check out the drop down menu tab for more info!

Rainforest mantisAvailable Upon Request:
– Risk Assessment & Management Plan
– Covid-Safe Plans & Proof of Vaccination
– Insurance Certificate of Currency
– Working With Children Checks & Verification
– Child Protection Policy
– Our Code of Conduct

BugZoom Sessions
Book NOW for one of our fun and fabulous  BugZoom Lessons! All BugZoom lessons go LIVE from our Bug Lab, right here in the Blue Mountains, Australia.
Several topic / format options available. Check out the BugZoom page for more info!