Phobia Desensitisation Sessions

Our new Arachnophobia, Entomophobia, Vermiphobia and other “Creepy Crawly” Phobia Desensitisation Sessions are now available for professional and private bookings.

Do you or someone you know suffer from a phobia such as Entomophobia, Arachnophobia or Vermiphobia? Perhaps the phobia is more to do with their hygiene or webs? These types of phobias are some of the most common types of specific phobia and are often persistent and extreme.

We can assist!

Huntsman On Hand

We provide a step-by step program to help you overcome your fears or feelings of disgust! We also provide live animals to complement your own ongoing professional psychotherapy objectives. And we come to your home, or venue of choice!

Our sessions are designed to achieve particular objectives, such as:
– Understanding of the animals; their benefits, behaviours, and their limitations.
– Quick ID; Basic identification of the animals.
. Dealing With “Surprise” Animals; safe capture and relocation.
– Working up from looking at images, video footage, touching plastic or dead examples, looking at smaller, more affable animals, and working up to larger animals or the animals of concern.
– Capture and handling harmless animals of concern.

Please note: We are not Psychotherapists or medical professionals. We simply provide the resources to assist with overcoming the fears and phobias associated with these animals. If a phobia is severe, we recommended also working with a professional. If you are a professional Psychologist, or other psychotherapist and would like to find out more about what we offer, please contact us!