Scout & Guide Groups

Looking for a fun, hands-on and interactive activity for your Scout or Guide Group? Learn about basic classification and identification of invertebrate animals, and other aspects of their lives such as their habitats, life cycles, defences and adaptations for survival! Every workshop delivers a hands-on invertebrate experience not to be forgotten!

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Choose from one of two fun activities! Or combine the two!
1.Indoor Minibeast Workshop

We set up on tables in a hall or other indoor venue and conduct a fun, interactive workshop featuring our live and preserved minibeast collection. 
Activity Duration:
Approx 1 hour + 20min Hands-on Discovery sessions (20-30 per session)
Suitable for Ages:
5 – 16 yo.

2. Outdoor Minibeast Hunt
We go on a mini-beast meander and learn how to identify habitats, build pitfall traps, make safe baits and attractants, use butterfly, swoop and aquatic dip nets, sort through leaf litter and soil for inhabitants using sieves and trays, identify and safely releasing each specimen back to where it came from. Suitable for milder months of the year only.
Activity Duration:
Approx 1 hour per group of 30 kids.
Suitable for Ages:
7 – 16 yo.

Cub Scouts 001How Much?
Inside Sydney Metro Area (Including Blue Mountains & Bathurst Areas)

Prices vary depending on venue location, activity requested and number of attendees. Please email us for a quote!

Outside Sydney?
We’d love to visit! Please email us for a quote!

BugZoom Sessions
Book NOW for one of our fabulous, fresh and innovative BugZoom sessions! All BugZoom lessons will go LIVE from our Bug Lab, right here in the Blue Mountains. Several topic / format options available.  Choose your ideal time and date!
Prices vary depending upon number of attendees, topic and session length requested. Please contact us for a quote!

Not convinced? We are happy to meet with you on Zoom for a quick 5-10min demo on what to expect from one of our sessions!

Also ideal for Jamborees! Contact us to discuss your ideas!