Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why book Travelbugs Mobile Minibeasts? 
    – We have over 20 years experience delivering the best hands-on minibeast incursions in NSW schools, colleges, preschools, libraries and more.
    – Our pure passion for Australian invertebrate wildlife and the natural world is clearly evident at every incursion we deliver. This inspires students, teachers and families to get out into nature, observe and protect even the smallest lifeforms we have on the planet.
    – We have carefully designed content that supports the NSW Science and Technology K-12 syllabus and can assist teachers in meeting outcomes.
    – We have over 30 years of dedicated professional work experience and formal education with Australian invertebrate animals and our knowledge is second to none. Many other educational excursion destinations lack this unique and diverse range of experience and qualifications specialising in invertebrates. We have worked at zoos, museums, research facilities, butterfly houses in addition to a variety of educational institutions.
    – We bring more live and preserved specimens than any other excursion or incursion provider(s), including the Dept of Ed Environmental Educational Centres. Your students will see and experience much more at one of our incursions, including more hands-on opportunities.
    – Save money on buses and save time on constant role-calling, re-organising and keeping students focussed. Our incursions are designed to maximise the efficient use of your teaching time!
    – You will receive a USB card full of awesome resources such as fact sheets, indoor and outdoor activity sheets and more.
    – You will also received 2 free stick insects to complement your learning objectives and outcomes.
  2. What will happen when we visit your school / venue?
    For Primary Schools
    (K-6) we conduct a 1 hour interactive demonstration to all classes together first. This is when we introduce the animals and discuss their external features, adaptations, habitats, shelters, life cycles, what they like to eat and what eats them, their colours, patterns, shapes etc. We also bring over 200 preserved specimens, as well as a carefully curated selection of large, live, colourful invertebrate animals including 2-3 species of spider, scorpion, centipede, millipede, several species of stick insect and other animals depending upon the season such as grasshoppers, giant snails, native cockroaches, praying mantis, beetles etc. We show the students as best we can during this session and reassure them they will see more closely in their own Hands-on sessions. We try to conclude with Q&A / Ask An Expert.
    After this initial demonstration, each class comes back for their dedicated Hands-on Discovery session. Each class gets 20 minutes, where they are allowed to explore the Biofact tables and handle harmless minibeasts. There is also lots of opportunities to Ask An Expert as well as photo opportunities during these sessions. Whilst we do supply some, we do encourage classes/individuals to bring their own magnifying glasses during these sessions also.
    For High Schools, we try to fit in with their usual Science periods and remain flexible, depending upon your expectations. We have set up in school halls, science labs and presentation theatres and make it work to suit your space!
    For Pre-schools, Libraries and OOSH services; we bring large, live colourful mini-beasts and conduct a 40-60min demonstration which also includes Hands-on Encounters with a range of minibeasts.
  3. What do you need to set up?
    It can vary upon location but generally, we require a secure indoor space such as a school or community hall, library or other suitably sized space. Even a large classroom is fine! We also require 3-4 trestle tables or equivalent to set up on (preferably not round or curved tables). Parking is also required, preferably as close to the venue as possible. Access to water and a toilet is also appreciated! No technology or sound is required usually.
  4. How long does it take to set up?
    For preschools, child care centres, parties and Special Needs Schools: 5-10mins
    For Primary and High Schools: 30mins
    Larger exhibitions and interactive displays: 60mins
  5. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
    Yes! You can request a Certificate of Currency when making a booking.
  6. Do your presenters have current Working With Children Checks?
    Absolutely! Details can be provided as part of the booking confirmation process, upon request.
  7. Do you have resources to support your incursions?USB1
    Yes! Every venue that places a booking is entitled to receive our awesome new USB card, full of resources such as fact sheets, activity sheets, care sheets and more.
  8. How many students / classes can you fit into one day?
    It does depend on the type of event planned but for our standard school incursion, we can fit up to about 10 classes / ~250 students per day. It also depends upon individual school start, break and session times.
  9. What kinds of animals do you bring?
    For school incursions (K-12), we bring a carefully curated collection of large, live, colourful Australian minibeasts (invertebrates) such as 2-3 species of spider, scorpion, centipede, millipede, and various insects such as 2-3 species of stick insect, praying mantis, caterpillars, stag or rhino beetle, giant burrowing cockroach and other seasonally available invertebrates. Please note however, that Live Butterflies are a specialised and separate type of event. We also do Freshwater Aquatic Waterbug incursions and will bring such animals upon request.
    For schools, libraries and vacation care groups, (K-12) we also bring a collection of over 200 preserved specimens such as snail shells, cocoons, eggcases, skins, embedded specimens etc.
    For Special Needs Groups, parties and preschools, we only bring live specimens on the day.
  10. How long has Travelbugs Mobile Minibeasts been visiting schools?
    We commenced operations in 2002, and we’ve now been travelling to schools and other venues for over 20 years! We were originally an Authorised School Performance through the NSW Department of Education School Performances Unit (until it’s disbandment in ~2011).
  11. How do we place a booking?
    It’s simple! We’ll just need some details such as:
    – Your school’s name and location
    – How many students / classes you’d like to involve
    – Any dates you might have in mind or a preferred day of the week.
    – Your schools start / break / session times so we can suggest a schedule.
    – Any details about the topic they are learning about or the special minibeast day you have planned. 
    Once we have agreed on dates and times, we send out a Booking Confirmation Email which comes with the Confirmation, Terms and Conditions, Incursion Checklist and we also send a USB card full of resources such as fact sheets, activity sheets and more. Please email or call us directly, or fill out the Contact Form.
  12. Will you visit our Regional destination?
    We’d sure love to! We have been as far south as Tasmania, Victoria, the ACT and even Papua New Guinea! We’ve visited many regional NSW locations such as The Riverina, Dubbo, Trangie, Condobolin, West Wyalong, Boggabri, Emmaville, Merimbula,  Tumbarumba and everywhere in between! We do need to prepare a quote however, and it does depend upon your location and how many attendees/students will be involved. We endeavour to visit as many regional locations as possible and try to do our best when it comes to affordability. We have general minimum fees for various regional areas. Please contact us for more information about having us to your regional venue.
  13. Do you have a Risk Assessment for your incursions and exhibitions?
    Yes! This is available upon request during the booking process. There will also be a copy on the Resource CD you receive as part of your booking confirmation. We also now have a Covid-Safe Management Plan to supplement our Risk Assessment.
  14. Is the incursion hands-on?
    Yes! Harmless live minibeasts can be handled under supervision, in addition to our preserved biofacts.
  15. How do you accept payment?
    For all NSW Public Schools, P-card is our preferred method of payment,  either processed on the day of our visit, or via the phone within 7 days after the incursion. For other venues, such as private and independent schools, council events, libraries, OOSH, parties etc, payment via EFT or credit card (1.75% surcharge) is accepted. Our payment terms are strictly 7 days.