Live Australian Huntsman Spider Discovery Kit


Live Australian Huntsman Spider Discovery Kit

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Ever wanted to keep a large Australian spider as a pet in your home or classroom?  Now is the time!

This kit will help you and your children become friends with that friendly Huntsman spider that’s been living in your house or classroom. Fascinate your friends with a large, furry classmate that does not require flea treatment or litter trays. Change the way you see these gorgeous Australian animals.

Kit Includes:
– 1 Live juvenile / sub-adult Flat/Social Huntsman Spider
– 1 4 litre plastic tank (lid colours vary)
– 600g of moist peat moss
– 1 water spray bottle
– 1 magnifying glass (70mm)
– 1 piece of flat decorative bark/wood
– A Huntsman Spider in My House by  Michelle Ray (softcover book)
– Basic A4 Care Sheet for Huntsman Spider
– Basic A4 Fact Sheet for Huntsman Spider (laminated for classroom display)
– Ongoing email consultancy about your spider.

Not included:
Regular Live food supply. You will need to feed your Huntsman 1-2 small-medium crickets per week.

Please note:
Species supplied vary upon season and availability.
Species usually supplied are  Social/Flat Huntsman, Badge Huntsman or Grey Huntsman.