About Our Presenters

All of our Presenters have professional backgrounds in Science and Environmental Education and are passionate about invertebrates and the ecosystems they live in.

About Jacqui Love
Prior to hatching Travelbugs Mobile Minibeasts in 2002, Jacqui was a Senior Zookeeper at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo for almost 10 years. Although she has experience and knowledge of a broad variety of animals, the Invertebrates or “mini-beasts” have always been closest to her heart. She developed invertebrate colonies and displays in addition to conducting an assortment of other Terrestrial Invertebrate initiatives and research for Taronga Zoo, during her time there. Several years before, she worked at the Sydney Tropical Butterfly House, once located Kellyville Pets 19at Dural, in Sydney’s northwest, where she presented workshops, lectures and tours to schools groups several times per week, as well as bred and cared for a variety of Invertebrate species and other animals including native frogs, birds and mammals.
She has worked with over 250 different species of Terrestrial Invertebrates including spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, butterflies, grasshoppers, crickets, flies, cockroaches, beetles, worms, preying mantis, stick insects, crayfish, snails, slugs, silverfish, ants and bees, and the list continues to grow.
She possesses a diverse range of qualifications including a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Science from Charles Sturt University, the Zookeeping and Animal Attending Certificates from the Sydney Institute of Technology and an assortment of other specialty courses such as Museum techniques, Spider Identification, Herpetological Techniques, Aquarium Science and Beekeeping. She also taught the Invertebrate component of the Zookeeping Certificate at Taronga Zoo, through the Sydney Institute of Technology for 3 years and recently taught Captive Animal Studies at Bathurst and Orange TAFE in 2005-2006.
Jacqui has been operating Travelbugs Mobile Mini-beasts for over 20 years and intends to continue to develop it wherever possible.

All of our workshop presenters have undergone Working With Children Checks and are Fully Vaccinated Against Covid19. Vaccination Certificates are available upon request at time of Booking.

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