Interactive Exhibitions & Butterfly Tents

Looking for something different for your next community event?

We offer a fun, interactive exhibition featuring a stunning collection of beautifully detailed display tanks, featuring fresh native foliage, wildflowers, lichens, mosses and of course, a special curation of large, live colourful Australian minibeasts! Also features educational and interpretive signage, free postcards, magnets etc. Supervised handling of harmless 20150822 114421 (2)minibeast species also featured.

OR ask about our new LIVE Walk-in Butterfly Tents!

Ideal for venues & events such as: 
– Shopping Centres & In-store Events
(Spring Launch, Summer Promotions, School Holidays etc.)
– School & Council Fetes, Shows & Festivals
– Landcare, Coastcare, Water Catchment      Authority Events
– Plant A Tree, World Environment Day, Threatened Species Day, Science Week etc.
– Science, Garden, Agricultural &/or Environment Festivals.

Please contact us to discuss your needs or to obtain a quote!

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