Leaf Litter Pack – Mixed Temperate Rainforest – 100g


Mixed Temperate Rainforest leaf Litter Pack – 100g

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Ideal for feeding sub-tropical – temperate Rainforest species of native cockroaches such as Macropanesthia, Polyzosteria, Austral, Laxta species, in addition to millipedes, isopods, springtails, native snails etc.
Also brightens up the substrate in your bioactive terrarium or basic enclosure set up.

A blend of Eucalyptus sp, Callicoma serratifolia, Acacia sp, ferns including Gleichenia sp, including fragments and associated flowers, seed pods, gumnuts etc. A great source of naturally occurring pollen.

Ethically collected from private property with permission from landholder.
Naturally Sterilised
100% Australian Native.

Please note: We are unable to ship this product to Tasmania.