Live Silkworms – Pack of 50


Live Silkworms <em>Bombyx mori</em>




Our silkworm eggs are now hatching!


Order yours today and watch them grow and change! Watch them eat and grow until they begin the arduous but fascinating task of spinning their silk cocoons!
Watch them emerge from their cocoons as cute, fluffy flightless moths.
And then, the mating and egg-laying begins…..
Great for Life Cycle and Changes in Our World learning outcomes.

Not included: Regular food supply or housing.
You will need regular access to fresh Mulberry leaves in order to feed your silkworms.
You will also need a cardboard box or plastic tub to house your silkworms.

Please note:
Caterpillars (silkworms) are only available between September – January.
Silkworm eggs are usually available year round, however they won’t hatch until August – September (depending upon your location and environmental conditions)

Starter Packs available:
50 silkworms: $25
(We recommend a minimum of 50 caterpillars to result in a healthy, sustainable colony)

Also available as eggs, moths and cocoons upon request.