Giant Rainforest Mantis – Female Basic Kit


Female Giant Rainforest Mantis Hierodula majuscula – Basic Kit

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This complete kit comes with everything you need to keep a Giant Rainforest Mantis as a pet in the home, office or classroom!

Most specimens will be green once they have gone through their final molt. Some may be golden yellow, or a little pinkish or orange!

All of our specimens are Captively-reared by us, in our Blue Mountains Bug Lab!
All of our specimens are Parasite-free.
Specimens shipped currently are approximately L5-L7.
All specimens come with Basic Care Sheet and ongoing email consultancy.

Please Note: These insects are Harmless, but not recommended as pets for young children.

Only Shipping to Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, TAS and SA, Australia.

– 1 Immature Live Female Giant Rainforest Mantis Hierodula majuscula
– 1 Square Pop-up Enclosure (30cm x 30cm x 30cm)
– 1 Water Spray bottle
– Leaf Litter pack – Temperate Rainforest (for floor of enclosure)
– Ongoing email consultancy during the life of your mantis.
– Basic A4 Giant Rainforest Mantis Care Sheet

Not included:
– Regular live food (such as live crickets, mealworms  or wood cockroaches).
– Branches or plant cuttings such as fern (for perching only)
– Heating / Warmth

Environmental Requirements:
– Ambient temperature range of 22-28C
– Humidity levels of 60-80% / Daily spray with water
– Sturdy perching such as plant cuttings or branches (important for molting)
– Pest & toxin free environment.
– Limited handling