Crowned Stick Insect Onchestus rentzi Breeding Pair


1 male and 1 female (pair) Juvenile Crowned Stick Insect Breeding Pair

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This charismatic Australian stick insect species is easy to keep and is ideal as a pet for home, classroom or office.
Easy to feed with fresh cut Eucalyptus and other native tree species and only requiring feeding once-twice a week. This is a smaller species which requires less room overall and makes a great introduction into keeping and breeding stick insects.
Watch them shed their skins to become adults with wings!  The female will then lay lots of eggs so that you can enjoy the next generation.
Most specimens are tan, brown and black colours, whilst some maybe more green, grey, very dark brown or even close to black, in colour.
Females grow to approx 10-14cm in length and can live 12-18 months.
Males grow to approx. 8cm in length and don’t live as long as females. Males can fly  short distances.
These insects are Harmless.

All of our specimens are Captively-reared by us in our Blue Mountains Bug Lab!

Sold as juvenile / immature insects.

Not Included:
– Enclosure
– Fresh food (foliage such as Eucalyptus)
– Water Spray bottle
– Water Pot for Leaves

Environmental Requirements:
– Tropical but Hardy / Temperate
– Ambient Temperature Range of 18-30C
– Humidity Range of 60-90% (Daily spray will suffice)
– Weekly Enclosure Clean out