Children’s Leaf Insect Tropidoderus childrenii Egg Pack


Childrens Stick insect Tropidoderus childrenii Egg Pack

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The Children’s Stick insect Tropidoderus childrenii is a beautiful species that resembles a green gumleaf. Some may also end up pale green, yellow or even a bit pink!

You will receive 20 eggs per pack.

Please refer to our Stick Insect Egg Hatching Guide for details about how to care for your eggs.

Please note: All eggs have been laid in the last 3-6 months. Most eggs should hatch within 6 months. Occasionally eggs may not hatch at all, or can take longer than stated and can vary on your environmental conditions and care.

– 20 Childrens Leaf Insect Eggs
– Childrens Stick Insect Care Sheet
– Stick Insect Egg Hatching Guide
– Ongoing email consultancy for the life of your insects.

Not Included:
– Enclosure
– Fresh foliage
– Water spray bottle
– Vermiculite, beach sand or coco peat.

Available to ship to NSW, Qld, Vic, Tas, SA and ACT only.