Schools (K – 12)

All school workshops meet the Board of Studies K-12 Syllabus Guidelines and assist teachers in meeting a variety of learning outcomes. All school workshops booked are supported with a free CD filled with over 50MB of mini-beast resources including fact sheets, activity sheets, Ella Resizedcare sheets, clip art and more.

Topics covered include Minibeasts and:
The Schoolyard Safari: Collecting and studying mini-beasts in the backyard, schoolyard & beyond. Learn how to build insect traps, terrariums, butterfly garden or compost heap, keep live mini-beasts, safety, capture, ID, re-release, surveys etc. (Several options available) [Suitable for K – 6]
“Changes” & Changes in Our World: life & growth cycles, the seasons, day/night cycles, tidal cycles, decomposition cycles, pollination cycles, water and weather cycles etc.
[Suitable for Stage 1 & 2]
Living Things / What’s Alive: What characteristics do living things share? What do living things need to survive? [Suitable for Pre-K, ES1 and Stage 1].
Ecology: Communities, Habitats & Ecology; Who lives where? Who helps who? Food chains and webs. The need for shelters. Conservation & Threatened Species; threats & recovery plans. [Suitable for Secondary: Stage 4 & 5]
Uses in Industry: Pests & Allied Species of Agriculture, Forestry & Medicine as well as Forensic Entomology. Entomological career & hobby choices available.
[Suitable for Secondary: Stage 4, 5 & 6]
Invertebrate Biology: Anatomy & Physiology; Mini-beast form & function explained. What have we learnt about invertebrate anatomy and physiology, and what can we learn as evolving human beings? Dissection conducted for HS Biology students on request.
[Suitable for Secondary: Stage 4, 5 & 6]
Insect Classification, Taxonomy & ID: What are the defining characteristics of the 6 different animal groups? How are animals classified? How do insects and other animals get their names? What makes an insect, an insect? How are ‘new species’ defined?
[Suitable for Secondary: Stage 4 & 5]
Living Art & Photography: Would you like to hire a selection of minibeasts for a school art or photography class? We can provide a range of live and / or preserved specimens for your students to sketch, paint, draw, sculpt, film or photograph. We can even help students with design projects and also provide them with live and preserved specimens to use as part of their art installations and projects. Our minibeasts have even been featured in an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney! [Suitable for all Stages]

How Much?

Standard Primary School Workshop: 1 hour interactive demonstration to entire group + 20mins hands-on discovery session per class.
Inside Sydney Metro area (including Blue Mountains & Bathurst)
$12 per student (min 50 / $600) GST EXEMPT
Outside Sydney?
We’d love to visit! Prices vary upon number of students, workshop/display requirements & venue location. Email or call us for a quote!

We can usually fit in up to ~200 students per day.

Are you a Special Needs School? Please refer to the section devoted to this special area of learning. Special discounts may be available. 

Secondary School Workshops
We appreciate the rigid structure of the average High School day, and we are happy to work in with your usual schedule or around a special event. Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your needs.