Social Huntsman Delena cancerides


Social Huntsman Delena cancerides

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The Flat or Social Huntsman Delena cancerides is one of the most gregarious Huntsman species.
Often found in large numbers under tree bark and also so-named due to its incredibly flat body structure, adapted to life under bark, rocks or logs.

Captively-reared and parasite free!
This species can bite and does possess venom, but is not considered dangerous.
This species is timid and reluctant to bite. They are fast, however!
Not recommended for children under 12 years.

Currently only shipping to NSW, SA, Vic, Qld and ACT (within Australia)

Environmental Requirements:
– Temperate Woodland
– Ambient Temperature Range of 16-32C
– Ambient Humidity Range of 50-80%
– Flat bark and wood as retreat
– Regular live food such as crickets
– Coco peat &/or Beach sand Substrate

Not Included:
– Enclosure
– Substrate (such as coco-peat and sand)
– Regular live food such as crickets
– Enclosure furniture such as bark.