Crowned Stick Insect Onchestus rentzi – Starter Kit


Immature Crowned Stick Insect Onchestus rentzi

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If you want to watch your stick insects grow, this Kit is a great place to start.
Ideal as a first pet, or classroom pet, you can watch them eat, grow, shed their skin and become adults with wings! These will also eventually mate and lay eggs, which can be collected for future generations!

Crowned Stick Insects are named after the small protrusion on their heads, that resembles a crown. They are a hardy species, that grow quickly, and lay lots of eggs. They are also a small species, so are ideal to keep in a smaller space such as a terrarium or pop-up enclosure.

All of our specimens are captively reared and parasite-free!
All Kits will feature a rough ratio of males/females.

In this kit, you will receive :
– 6 + assorted sized immature Crowned Stick Insects.
– 1 Plastic Terrarium
– 1 Water Spray Bottle
– 600g moist peat moss
– 1 Florists Water Vial
– Care Sheet
– Ongoing email consultancy.

Not Included:
Regular fresh-cut foliage such as Eucalyptus, Acacia, Maleleuca etc.
Water / moisture

Environmental Requirements:
– Rainforest / Tropical Woodland
– Ambient Temperature range of 18C – 30C.
– Ambient Humidity range of 60-90%