Giant Rainforest Mantis Hierodula majuscula – Female


Giant Rainforest Mantis Hierodula majuscula – Female

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The Giant Rainforest Mantis Hierodula majuscula is one of Australia’s largest Mantis species, and makes a great pet for home, office or classroom!

All specimens are captively reared and parasite-free.
Specimens shipped currently are approximately L5.
All specimens come with Basic Care Sheet and ongoing email consultancy.
Please note, most specimens will be green once they have gone through their final molt. Some may be golden yellow, or a little pinkish or orange!
These insects are Harmless but not recommended as pets for young children.

Only Shipping to Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, TAS and SA, Australia.

Not included: Regular live food supply, enclosure, heating, substrate etc.

Environmental Requirements:
Tropical Rainforest Setup including;
– high humidity (70-90%)
– regular live food such as appropriately-sized crickets
(pinhead/extra smalls suggested for this size).
– furniture for perching such as wood, plants or cuttings. Fern is ideal!
– moist substrate such as cocoa peat.
– ambient temperature range of 20-30C.