Australian Grass Mantis Archimantis latistyla


Australian Grass Mantis Archimantis latistyla

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The Australian Grass Mantis Archimantis latistyla is one of Australia’s longest species of praying mantis and is found in a wide range of habitats including coastal heathland, arid grasslands, and open woodland, as well as a common visitor to Australian gardens.

Subadults are now available!
All specimens are captively reared and parasite-free.
All specimens shipped will be unsexed and at least 4th instar or 50mm in length, unless otherwise specified.
All specimens come with Basic Care Sheet and ongoing email consultancy.

Stock is limited!

Currently Only Shipping to Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, and SA, within Australia.

Not included: Regular live food supply, enclosure, heating, substrate etc.

Environmental Requirements:
Temperate Grassland/Woodland
Perching such as sticks, dried grasses, etc.
Peat moss, sand or red sand substrate.
Temperature range of 18-32C
Humidity Range of 60-80%
Regular live food such as crickets.